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Match-up zone is a combination defense, combining elements of man-to-man defense (on ball), and zone defense (away from the ball). It's a zone defense that acts a lot like a good man-to-man defense. The on-ball defender closes-out and plays tight like in man-to-man. The zone away from the ball resembles man-to-man "helpside" defense.

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In a Match Up zone, offensive alignments never split defenders, overloads are easier to defend, and opponents have a tendency to get confused. Success is dependent on smart, knowledgable players and communication. The Match-up zone defense combines both person-to-person and zone coverage. Although most zones eventually end up in a match up, the true match-up zone is unique in that it utilizes a series of defensive rules.

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It seems an ideal time to resurface Gene Sullivan’s unique matching zone defense. Origins of Sullivan’s Match Up Zone The genesis for Sullivan’s match-up zone lies in the jump shot and Gene’s belief that its development and eventual widespread use fundamentally changed the nature of basketball. In 1969, eleven years

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In our match-up zone, we can’t determine who we guard, but we can determine where we guard. In this defense, we watch for the swing pass and we switch everything.

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This is a man-to-man disguised as a zone, or it is a match-up zone. What you call it doesn't matter as long as it confuses the offense and gets them standing around trying to overload your zone when you are really playing man-to-man. The advantages of the match-up zone are many. Your big kids stay around the basket and your smalls stay outside.

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A breakdown of the 3-2 match-up zone combining the principles of zone and man to man to help reduce closeout distances for defenders. 3-2 Match-up Zone.

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A match up zone is based on rules, which can differ from coach to coach. Some match up zones look more like a typical zone, where others look closer to a man to man defense. Don Kelbick's match-up zone is governed by a set of rules and leaves interpretation of those rules to the players. Many of the rules in a match-up zone mirror man-to-man principals.

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Match-up zone defense is a type of defense used in the game of basketball. It is commonly referred to as a "combination" defense, as it combines certain aspects of man-to-man defense and zone defense. College head coaches Jim Boeheim and John Chaney were advocates of the match-up zone defense. Characteristics