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The International Tennis Federation (ITF) is the governing body of the game of tennis and its duties and responsibilities include protecting the integrity of the game through determination of the Rules of Tennis. To assist the ITF in carrying out this responsibility, the ITF has appointed a Rules of

PART 1-ITF RULES OF TENNIS - Play Tennis & Learn the Game

PART 1-ITF RULES OF TENNIS 5 b. The ball change policy, if any. Ball changes, if any, can be made either: i. After an agreed odd number of games, in which case, the first ball change in the match shall take place two games earlier than for the rest of the match, to make allowance for the warm-up. A tie-break game counts as one game for the ball change.


TENNIS RULES Intramural Modifications A. Matches consist of three sets of six games. B. Conventional advantage scoring will be used. C. A set is completed when a player has won six games and leads an opponent by two games. D. Sets reaching six games apiece will play a 7out-of-12 points tiebreaker. E.


BASIC RULES OF TENNIS AND TENNIS ETIQUETTE ~1ST RULE OF TENNIS~ ALWAYS TREAT YOUR OPPONENTS WITH COURTESY AND RESPECT 1. Server/ Receiver--Players stand on opposite sides of court. The person who delivers/hits the ball is the server and the other the receiver. 2. Spin of racket-- The player that wins the racket spin may choose or require the opponents

Sports Essentials Tennis Rules - Special Olympics

Olympics Sports Rules for Tennis. Match play A match will consist of one of the following. Two Tie Break short sets using no-ad scoring with a 10 point match tie break to decide the match. In a short set, the first player/team who wins four games wins that set, provided there is a margin of two games over the opponent(s).

Beginning Tennis - Study Guide

Beginning Tennis - Study Guide One of the enduring beauties of tennis is that people of all sizes, shapes, ages and physical abilities can enjoy playing tennis for the rest of their lives. Tennis is a skill sport that is based primarily on learning to handle the racket in order to direct the tennis ball.


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tennis—serving, scoring, the lines and parts of the tennis court, how to call balls in and out, and many other helpful tidbits. The Introduction to Tennis also provides tips on how to prepare for safe play and proper court etiquette. The Introduction to Tennis is for anyone and everyone who wants to understand the basic rules of the game in a ...

Table Tennis Singles/Doubles Rules and Regulations

Game Time and Timing Regulations 1. Singles, Each match shall consist of the best two out of three games with the winning player reaching 21 points first or being ahead by two after the score reaches 20 all in each game. 2. Each match shall consist of the best two out of three games with the winning pair reaching 21