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But if you go to TWU and check the location rankings, the BB11 SE has the highest level of power at the center of the string bed (21" up) than any other racket they have ever tested. It's a similar story for the Bio 200 Tour and the Ki5 PSE.

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What power level means. When it comes to racquetball racquets, there are three basic levels of power available for players to choose from: high power, low power, or the use of a balanced racquet. Being able to understand the racquet’s power will help players better select which racquet type works best for them.

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The power level typically ranges from low-medium to medium-high power, making them the most appealing to intermediate through advanced players. Tweener racquets tend to be very spin-friendly thanks to possessing light and fast feel combined with a healthy mid plus head size. Modern Player’s Rackets

Best Tennis Racquets for Power

Ability level: Intermediate to advanced Bottom line: The latest version of the Extreme MP is a bit easier to swing than the previous generation, but it still packs impressive stability levels, especially considering its. 11.2-ounce strung weight. If you're in search of easy power paired with heavy spin potential, be sure to check out this Head racquet.

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With a racquet weighing around 11.5 ounces, a balance within 6 points (preferably fewer) of even, and a stiffness of 70-75, most advanced players can swing just as freely as ever, and the racquet's somewhat greater power is offset by the more consistent angle at which it sends the ball on its way.

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The RP for a concrete slab is about 0.75, as specified by the rules of tennis. The RP for a hand-held racquet, when the ball impacts the middle of the strings, varies from about 0.31 to about 0.43.